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Cover Versions

There have been many cover versions of Françoise Hardy's songs.
Some are listed below. Do you know of any others?

Françoise herself also covered many songs originally recorded by other artistes. Some of these are listed below.

Sophie Blaede - Tous les garçons et les filles
  • fr Sophie Blaede

    An early cover version of Tous les garçons et les filles.
    (SP Panorama, MH 123) (France) (1962)

Les Scarlet et l'orchestre James Award - Le temps de l'amour
  • fr Les Scarlet et l'orchestre James Award

    An orchestra and chorus version of Le temps de l'amour.
    (SP Panorama, MH 127) (France) (1962)

Yvonne Berger
  • fr Vonny (Yvonne) Berger

    C'est à l'amour auquel je pense seen here as a single, but also released on an EP.
    (SP Panorama, MH 134) (France) (1962)

Ginette Reno
  • ca Ginette Reno

    Tous les garçons et les filles appears on the Canadian singer's self titled first LP.
    (LP Apex, ALF-1555) (Canada) (1962)

Catherine Spaak
  • it Catherine Spaak

    Tous les garçons et les filles and J'ai jeté mon coeur were recorded in a mixture of French and Italian as "Quelli Della Mia Età" and "Ho Scherzato Con Il Cuore", and released on this single.
    "Quelli Della Mia Età" also appeared on one of a series of compilation CDs entitled "Nostalgia Italiana".
    (SP Ricordi, SRL 10-323) (Italy) (1962)

  • fr Aimable

    L'amour s'en va, C'est à l'amour auquel je pense, Tous les garçons et les filles, J'suis d'accord - instrumental versions, played on accordion and organ by Aimable.
    (EP Vogue, EPS 1344) (France) (1963)

Les Cyclones
  • fr Les Cyclones

    On dit de lui - an instrumental version of the song, by the group formed in 1961, and at that time, included in their line-up a guitarist, Jacques Dutronc.
    (EP Vogue, EPL 8117) (France) (1963)

Eny Mara
  • br Eny Mara

    Tous les garçons et les filles - a Portuguese version "A Idade Do Amor" by the Brazilian singer.
    (SP Mocambo, 1.021) (Brazil) (1964)

Dulce Salles Cunha Braga - Personalidade
  • br Dulce Salles Cunha Braga

    Tous les garçons et les filles and J'suis d'accord appear on the LP "Personalidade", the first release by this Brazilian politician and amateur singer.
    (LP Chantecler, CMG-2326) (Brazil) (1965)

Koncz Zsuzsa
  • cs Koncz Zsuzsa and Illés

    Françoise's All over the world is one of four songs covered on this Hungarian EP.
    (EP Qualiton, EP 7346) (Hungary) (1965)

Seto Orchestra
  • fr Seto Orchestra

    An instrumental version of Françoise's L'amitié is one of four songs on this EP played in the Latin American style.
    (EP Vogue) (France) (1965)

Janie Jurka - Mon amie la rose
  • fr Janie Jurka

    Mon amie la rose is on the 'B' side of this 3 track EP featuring a cover of France Gall's Eurovision entry - "Poupée de cire, poupée de son".
    (EP Tiercé Panorama 3338M) (France) (1965)

Tony Danieli - Intimate Slow
  • fr Tony Danieli

    Le premier bonheur du jour features on this album "Intimite slow" by saxophonist Tony Danieli. Jaloux is another of the tracks, but is it the song recorded originally by Françoise? A UK release, but probably originally released in France. This is followed by...
    (LP Vogue, VRL 3018) (UK) (1965)

Tony Danieli
  • fr Tony Danieli

    ... another album of saxophone items by Tony Danieli. This one includes Et même and L'amitié. Released originally on the Vogue label, so probably a French production like the one above, but this edition was released in Brazil.
    (LP Mocambo, 40328) (Brazil) (1966)

The Cousins
  • fr The Cousins

    La maison où j'ai grandi - an English version "The story of a country boy" by the French group, originally released on an EP of all English songs, but shown here on a single, released later.
    (SP Palette, PB 40.257) (France) (1966)

The Seekers - Come the day
  • au The Seekers

    All over the world is covered on "Come the day", the Australian group's fifth album.
    (LP EMI, SCX 6093) (Australia) (1966)

Verdelle Smith - Tar and cement
  • au Verdelle Smith

    "Tar and cement", an English version of La maison où j'ai grandi, reached number 1 in the charts in Australia and also charted in USA. The version shown here is on an Australian EP.
    (EP Capitol, EAP-1-20855) (Australia) (1966)

Nicole Croisille
  • fr Nicole Croisille

    Des ronds dans l'eau - one of the songs from the film "Vivre pour vivre", on a film soundtrack EP, Nicole accompanied on this track by Annie Girardot, but also released later the same year as a solo version.
    (EP DiscAZ, EP 1144) (France) (1967)

Memo Remigi - Vivere per vivere
  • it Memo Remigi

    "Cerchi nell'acqua" an Italian version of Des ronds dans l'eau is on the 'B' side of "Vivere per vivere".
    (SP Disque Carosello, CI.20190) (Italy) (1967)

Rita Chao - Only friends
  • sg Rita Chao

    Only friends, sung part in Mandarin, part in English appears on this EP on which Rita Chao is accompanied by The Quests.
    (EP Happy Record, HEP 021) (Singapore) (1967)

Anna-Lena Löfgren
  • se Anna-Lena Löfgren

    "Lyckliga Gatan" - a Swedish version of "Il ragazzo della via Gluck" recorded by Françoise as La maison où j'ai grandi, and then...
    (SP Metronome, J 45-760) (Sweden) (1967)

Anna-Lena Löfgren
  • se Anna-Lena Löfgren

    ... "Immer am Sonntag" - a German version of La maison où j'ai grandi.
    (SP Metronome, M 25 037) (Sweden) (1968)

Os Mutantes
  • br Os Mutantes

    Le premier bonheur du jour - a very interesting version (in French) by the Brazilian band, released on the LP "Os Mutantes", now available on CD.
    (LP Polydor, 829 498-2) (Brazil) (1968)

Patachou - Les feuilles mortes
  • fr Patachou

    Originally released in 1968 on an LP entitled "Est-ce qu'il neige?", Les ronds dans l'eau now appears on "Les feuilles mortes", a compilation CD released in 2002.
    (LP CBS, 63003) (France) (1968)

Jane Birkin - Serge Gainsbourg
  • fr Serge Gainsbourg

    This untitled album includes songs by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin including the well known "Je t'aime... moi non plus", but it is Serge singing L'anamour that interests us here.
    (LP Fontana, 885 545) (France) (1969)

Anni-Frid Lyngstad
  • se Anni-Frid Lyngstad

    Comment te dire adieu, recorded in Swedish as "Så synd du måste gå" by Anni-Frid before the ABBA years.
    The song also appears on a compilation CD, pictured here.
    (SP) (Sweden) (1969)

Thierry le Luron - Olympia 71
  • fr Thierry le Luron

    On the album "Olympia 71", Thierry le Luron imitates Françoise singing Comment te dire adieu?.
    (CD Pathé Marconi, 2C 062-11521) (France) (1972)

Hana Hegerová
  • cs Hana Hegerová

    Ma jeunesse fout le camp and Comment te dire adieu appear on this Czechoslovakian album, as "Bože muj, já chci zpět" and "Rýmováni o životě".
    (LP) (Czechoslovakia) (1973)

Helen Chappelle - Be my man
  • fr Helen Chappelle

    "Be my man" is an English version of Je suis moi.
    (SP Atlantic, 10457) (France) (1974)

Les Fous du Rock'n'Roll
  • ca Les Fous du Rock'n'Roll

    "Les Fous du Rock'n'Roll" is a live musical comedy recorded live at the theatre Patriote de Ste-Agathe-des-Monts in Québec on the 15th July 1997, and released on double CD. Tous les garçons et les filles is part of Medley 3.
    (CD Musicor, JACCD-2-473) (Canada) (1977)

Jacques Dutronc
  • fr Jacques Dutronc

    Le temps de l'amour. Zany, as always, this version is totally different to the way Françoise sings it. But I suppose Jacques is entitled to sing the song how he wants - he wrote the music... The song was originally an instrumental, "Fort Chabrol", recorded by Les Fantômes in 1962.
    (SP Gaumont, 751 806) (France) (1980)

Yves Lecoq - À Bobino
  • fr Yves Lecoq

    On the album "À Bobino", Yves Lecoq imitates Françoise with extracts from Tous les garçons et les filles.
    (CD Polydor, 2473912) (Frannce) (1980)

Eleonora Giorgi - Messaggio personale
  • it Eleonora Giorgi

    "Messaggio personale", an Italian version of Message personnel appears on the 'B' side of the single "Quale appuntamento..." by the Italian film star Eleonora Giorgi.
    (SP Dischi Ricordi, SRL 10945) (Italy) (1981)

Elli and Jacno - Inédits 77-81
  • fr Stinky Toys

    Je veux qu'il revienne. This song by the French punk band was included on a compilation album "Inédits 77-81" by Elli and Jacno.
    (LP Vogue/Celluloid, 529 810) (France) (1981)

Valerie Mairesse - Rêve de starlett
  • fr Valérie Mairesse

    Rêve de starlett is the 'B' side of the single "Sex appeal".
    (SP Flarenash 721644) (France) (1981)

Jean-Claude D'aigle - Age tendre
  • fr Jean-Claude D'aigle

    The song "Age tendre" on this single includes the following lines: -

    "Si le général parcourait les villes
    Guy Lux et Zitrone faisaient Interville
    et moi je voulais aimer pour de vrai
    connaître quelqu'un lui dire mes secrets
    puis j'ai vu un soir de référendum
    Françoise qui chantait du fond de son âme
    tous les garçons et les filles de mon âge
    se sont retrouvés dans le paysage"

    (SP Volubilis, 51147) (France) (1982)

Patrick Loiseau - L'amour absolu
  • fr Patrick Loiseau

    Patrick presents his version of L'amour s'en va on this album, and there is a second track, "En 1962", dedicated to Françoise.
    (LP Philips/Phonogram, 6313324) (France) (1982)

Etienne Daho - La notte, la notte
  • fr Etienne Daho

    Et si je m'en vais avant toi, is one of the tracks on the CD "La notte, la notte".
    Etienne is a fan of Françoise Hardy, and with Jérôme Soligny, wrote the book "Superstar et Ermite", a biography of Françoise.
    Etienne Daho and Françoise Hardy have also recorded this track as a duet.
    (CD Virgin, 8404882) (France) (1984)

Mia Frye - All the girls and boys
  • fr Mia Frye

    "All the girls and boys", an upbeat version of Tous les garçons et les filles, is the 'B' side of this single by the French/American actress, dancer and choreographer.
    (SP WEA, 24 9421-7) (France) (1984)

Eurythmics - Tous les garçons et les filles
  • uk Eurythmics

    Tous les garçons et les filles was released on the "B" side of their single "It's alright - (Baby's coming back)" in many countries, but not available, as far as I know, on CD.
    (SP RCA, PB40533) (France) (1985)

Daniel Darc - Sous influence divine
  • fr Daniel Darc

    On his first solo album "Sous influence divine", written and produced in collaboration with Jacno, Daniel Darc (ex Taxi Girl), includes a version of Comment te dire adieu.
    (CD Play it again Sam, PIAS 111) (Belgium) (1987)

Julien Clerc - Fais-moi une place
  • fr Julien Clerc

    Fais-moi une place was co-written by Françoise Hardy and Julien Clerc, and appears on the CD of the same name.
    (CD Virgin, 7868562) (France) (1989)

Jimmy Somerville
  • uk Jimmy Somerville featuring June Miles Kingston

    Comment te dire adieu was a UK chart success.
    (CD single London, LONCD 241) (UK) (1989)

Jean-Pierre Mader - Midi à minuit
  • fr Jean-Pierre Mader

    En résumé... en conclusion was written by Françoise Hardy and Jean-Noël Chaléat for Jean-Pierre Mader and released on the album "Midi à minuit" (1991). Featured here on a single, the song was later recorded by Françoise herself. Jean-Pierre Mader also wrote the music for "Dire tout" which Françoise sings on the album "Décalages".
    (SP Polydor, 889 836-7) (France) (1989)

Helena Lemkovitch
  • fr Helena Lemkovitch (et le Pop-Corn Ensebmle)

    Qui aime-t-il vraiment? released as a single, but taken from the album "Coeur Fragile & Prince Charmant."
    (SP WEA, 247155-7) (France) (1989)

Jo Lemaire - Duelle
  • be Jo Lemaire

    L'amour ne dure pas toujours is the last track on "Duelle", a CD of French songs by the Belgian singer. Well worth a listen.
    (CD WEA, 9031 71266) (Belgium) (1990)

  • br Paquitas

    Tous les garçons et les filles - another Portuguese version, "Alguem para amar", (different words to the 1964 Eny Mara version) released on the album "Paquitas". The group formed originally as helpers and backing singers for the Brazilian superstar "Xuxa".
    (LP) (Brazil) (1991)

Etienne Daho - Paris Ailleurs
  • fr Etienne Daho

    La berlue is one of the tracks on the CD "Paris Ailleurs"
    Etienne Daho was one of those responsible for persuading Françoise Hardy to return to the studio to record the album "Le Danger".
    (CD Virgin, 7866392) (France) (1991)

Khalil Chahine - Turkoise
  • fr Khalil Chahine

    Clair-obscur is the only vocal piece on guitarist Khalil Chahine's album "Turkoise". The song is sung by Serge Ponsar.
    (CD Transat, TRT 9003-3) (France) (1991)

Viktor Lazlo - Mes poisons délicieux
  • fr Victor Lazlo

    On the album "Mes poisons délicieux" Viktor Lazlo sings Clair-obscur and on another version of the album ("My delicious poisons") sings the English version - "Light and dark".
    (CD Polydor, 513096-2) (France) (1991)

Comateens - A place for me
  • fr Comateens

    On this compilation CD single, the title track, "A place for me", is an English version of Fais-moi une place.
    (CD single Virgin, 30453) (France) (1991)

Rhoda Scott - Frame for the blues
  • fr Rhoda Scott

    The CD "Frame for the blues" by jazz organist Rhoda Scott is all instrumental, apart from Partir quand même.
    (CD Verve, 513294-2) (France) (1992)

  • nl Sanne

    La maison où j'ai grandi recorded in Flemish as "Het Huis dat tussen Rozen stond". Also available on a CD single.
    (SP RCA, 74321 133607) (Netherlands) (1993)

Jean-Pierre Mader - J'aère
  • fr Jean-Pierre Mader

    In the reverse situation to "En résumé... en conclusion", Dire tout was written by Jean-Pierre Mader and Françoise, released in 1989 on Françoise's album "Décalages" and later recorded and released by Jean-Pierre Mader on the album "J'aère".
    (CD Polydor, 517 630-2) (France) (1993)

Celui qui chante
  • fr Michel Berger

    Although Michel Berger recorded Message Personnel in 1973, it was not released until 1994 on the CD "Celui qui chante", available as a CD (shown here) or double CD.
    (CD WEA, 4509-98232-2) (France) (1994)

Celui qui chante
  • fr Charts

    Première rencontre is one of 3 songs on this CD single. The lead singer is now known as Calogero, for whom Fraçoise wrote the song "Une dernière chance".
    (CD Klaxon, 853 707-2) (France) (1994)

April March - Chick Habit
  • us April March

    Le temps de l'amour was released on the CD "Chick Habit"
    With a voice very reminiscent of France Gall in the 1960's, the CD also includes covers of songs sung originally by France Gall, Gillian Hills and Serge Gainsbourg.
    (CD Sympathy for the Record Industry, SFTRI 398) (USA) (1995)

Kate St.John - Indescribable Night
  • uk Kate St. John

    Le premier bonheur du jour, released on the CD "Indescribable Night".
    (CD All Saints Records, ASCD25) (UK) (1995)

Diane Tell - Désir, Plaisir, Soupir
  • ca Diane Tell

    La maison où j'ai grandi is a track on the CD "Désir, Plaisir, Soupir".
    A Canadian born singer, now based in France, Diane has also added her own music to several other songs written by Françoise Hardy, including "Faire à nouveau connaissance".
    (CD Columbia, COL 481381-2) (Canada) (1995)

Christine Delaroche - J'aime
  • fr Christine Delaroche

    Message Personnel and Tu verras are included on the CD "J'aime".
    (CD MUSIDISC, 172632) (France) (1995)

Spring - Tokyo Drifter
  • fr Spring

    Viens is covered on their CD "Tokyo Drifter" by French based band Spring. The song can be heard on the atrecordings website.
    (CD Elefant, ER 1011) (France) (1995)

Les Enfoirés à l'opéra comique
  • fr Les Enfoirés

    On the album "Les Enfoirés à l'opéra comique", Laurent Voulzy and Carla Bruni sing their version of Tous les garçons et les filles.
    (CD TSR, 481623-2) (France) (1995)
    See Les Enfoirés below.

Les années YéYés
  • ca Génération YéYés

    A group calling themselves Génération YéYés recorded Tous les garçons et les filles and Parlez-moi de lui on the CD "Les années YéYés", available only in Canada and USA.
    (CD Copellia, OL12-1262) (Canada) (1995)

Barry Adamson - Oedipus Schmoedipus
  • uk Barry Adamson

    Le temps des souvenirs - not a cover at all, but samples taken from this song can be heard on the track "Something wicked this way comes" on the CD "Oedipus Schmoedipus".
    (CD Mute, STUMM 134) (UK) (1996)

Jane Birkin - Versions Jane
  • fr Jane Birkin

    Ces petits riens, Comment te dire adieu and L'anamour were recorded for the CD "Versions Jane", an album of songs written by Serge Gainsbourg.
    (CD Philips, 5321402) (France) (1996)

Fred Blondin - J'voudrais voir les îles
  • fr Fred Blondin

    L'anamour appears on CD "J'voudrais voir les îles".
    (CD Philips, 5321062) (France) (1996)

  • fr G.Squad

    Le temps de l'amour, from the self titled CD by the French boy band.
    (CD BMG, 74321 43625 2) (France) (1996)

France Gall - Message personnel
  • fr France Gall

    Message Personnel is on this CD single taken from the CD "France", an album of Michel Berger songs.
    (CD single WEA, 0630-16862-9) (France) (1996)

Outrageous Cherry - Stereo Action Rent Party
  • us Outrageous Cherry

    Qui peut dire? appears on the CD "Stereo Action Rent Party" by the American band. All songs on the CD are cover versions of hits from a wide variety of international stars.
    (CD Third Gear, 3G 014-2) (USA) (1996)

Les plus belles chansons françaises 1962
  • fr Marie Myriam

    Tous les garçons et les filles and Le temps de l'amour were both recorded by Marie Myriam and released on compilations of French hits from 1962 and 1963, re-recorded by different artistes. Marie Myriam sang the song "L'oiseau et l'enfant" winning the Eurovision Song Contest for France in 1977.
    (CD Atlas, FRA CD 001/FRA CD 002) (France) (1996)

Les plus belles chansons françaises 1973
  • fr Graziella de Michele

    Better known for her song "Le pull-over blanc", Graziella de Michele sings Message personnel on the CD "Les plus belles chansons françaises 1973".
    (CD Atlas, FRA 012) (France) (1996)

Nostalgia Italiana 1963 and 1964
  • it Catherine Spaak, Ornella Vanone, Little Tony

    Nostalgia Italiana 1963 and 1964. On the 1963 CD, Catherine Spaak sings "Quelli Della Mia Età" (Tous les garçons et les filles) and Ornella Vanone sings "Coccodrillo" (On dit de lui). On the 1964 CD, Little Tony sings "Non aspetto nessuno" (Je n'attends plus personne) and there is an orchestral version of "L'amore va" (L'amour s'en va).
    1963 (CD BMG, 74321 37347 2)
    1964 (CD BMG, 74321 37348 2) (France) (1996)

Stereo Total - Monokini
  • de Stereo Total

    Oh, oh, chéri - a weird version in German, "Ach, ach, Liebling", released on the group's first album "Monokini". The CD, like the band, is a mixture of German, French and Italian.
    (CD Bungalow, bung 011-2) (Germany) (1997)

Gabriel Yared - Paroles et musique No 6 - Toc Toc Toqué
  • fr Gabriel Yared

    The LP "Paroles et musique No 6 - Toc Toc Toqué" presents songs written by Michel Jonasz with music by Gabriel Yared, and includes Que tu m'enterres.
    (LP RCA, 37.332) (France) (1997)

  • fr Sarah Micheau

    12 Françoise Hardy songs, mainly from the 1960s, are featured on this CD, "Playbacks Vol 117". Each song appears once sung by Sara Micheau, and once with a backing track only, so you can sing your own version of all the songs you know so well.
    (CD Pluriel, PL.97017.CD) (France) (1997)

Le Zénith des enfoirés
  • fr Les Enfoirés

    On the album "Le Zénith des enfoirés" we hear Elsa, Emmanuelle Béart, Laurent Voulzy and Pascal Obispo sing Message personnel and Marc Lavoine and Emmanuelle Béart sing Fais-moi une place.
    (CD BMG, 742321533682) (France) (1997)
    See Les Enfoirés below.

Coups de coeur années 60 Vol 1
  • fr Véronique Galo

    Comment te dire adieu? by Véronique Galo is one of the songs on the CD "Coups de coeur années 60 Vol 1".
    (CD Atlas, CD 048) (France) (1997)

Coups de coeur années 60 Vol 2
  • fr Edwige Chandelier, Fabienne Thibault

    On the CD "Coups de coeur années 60 Vol 2", Edwige Chandelier sings L'amitié and Canadian Fabienne Thibault sings Mon amie la rose.
    (CD Atlas, CD 049) (France) (1997)

Baby Birkin - Classée X
  • uk Baby Birkin

    Et même appears on the CD "Classée X" by this English band. A 1990s arrangement, sounding very much like Blur's "Parklife", but the album was produced by ex Pulp member, Russell Senior. The majority of the remaining tracks are Serge Gainsbourg songs.
    (CD Dishy, 33CD) (UK) (1998)

Jay-Jay Johanson - Tattoo
  • se Jay-Jay Johanson

    Rêve is sampled in the song "A letter to Lulu-Mae" on the album "Tattoo".
    (CD BMG, 74321 57338 2) (1998)

Jane Birkin - À la légère
  • fr Jane Birkin

    For the CD "À la légère", Jane Birkin called on different songwriters for each of the 12 songs. Initially, the CD was sold with a video cassette showing Jane meeting with the songwriters and composers, including Françoise Hardy and Alain Lubrano who wrote La pleine lune for her. Françoise later recorded the song herself. The digipak version is shown, but the CD is also available in crystal case format.
    (CD Mercury, 538 045-2) (France) (1998)

Boulevard des Tubes
  • ca Les Tubes

    Les Tubes compèred the show "Max Lounge" on Musimax, a Quebec TV channel. In the show, people danced to the rhythms of 60s songs, sung by Les Tubes. On this CD, "Boulevard des Tubes", they sing Comment te dire adieu?, which also appears on their 2nd CD.
    (CD Copellia, OL12-1289) (Canada) (1998)

Hommage : Ils chantent Berger
  • fr Juliette Gréco

    A tribute CD to Michel Berger who died in 1992, "Hommage : Ils chantent Berger", includes Juliette Gréco's version of Message personnel.
    (CD Atlas, 6227 202) (France) (1998)

Lana Cantrell
  • au Lana Cantrell

    Lana Cantrell, from Australia, includes Now you want to be loved, Françoise's English version of "Des ronds dans l'eau" amongst 15 film themes, a selection by Lana herself from her albums originally recorded between 1967 and 1970.
    (CD Balamara) (Australia) (1998)

Natacha Atlas - Gedida
  • fr Natacha Atlas

    Mon amie la rose - released on the January 1999 album "Gedida", but also available on a single (pictured here). The song is sung in a distinctly Arabic style by Natacha who grew up in the Moroccan suburbs of Brussels, but has also performed with several English groups.
    (CD Mantra) France) (1999)

Gigliola Cinquetti - Il meglio
  • it Gigliola Cinquetti

    "Quelli della mia età" - the Italian version of Tous les garçons et les filles - appears on the album entitled "Il meglio".
    (CD MR Music, 4186) (Italy) (1999)

Dear Garçon - Ultimate versions
  • fr Dear Garçon

    "Ultimate versions", an album of cover versions of 70s French hits includes Françoise's J'écoute de la musique saoûle. Dear Garçon is really Karen Chéryl who released many records under her own name through the 70s and 80s, and who is also known as Isabelle Morizet...
    (CD RIC2-9990) (France) (1999)

Pop Romantique
  • us The Hang-Ups

    Pardon by The Hang-Ups is one of 11 covers of French songs on this US released CD which also includes "Jeanne" by Air and Françoise Hardy, and L'anamour performed by Ivy.
    (CD Emperor Norton Records, EMN 7011-2) (USA) (1999)

Renée Martel - Volume 1 - Liverpool
  • ca Renée Martel

    From the late 1960s, Renée Martel had great success in Canada, including several cover versions of popular British and American songs. This CD, "Volume 1 - Liverpool", collects together her early releases which include a version of Parlez-moi de lui, originally the 'B' side of a 1969 single, and Quand un bateau passe, which Françoise recorded, but was never released.
    (CD Disques Mérite, 22-2421) (Canada) (1999)

Le Meilleur de Jean-Claude Pascal
  • fr Jean-Claude Pascal

    Jean-Claude Pascal won the Eurovision Song Contest for Luxembourg in 1961 with "Nous les amoureux". On this CD "Le Meilleur de Jean-Claude Pascal", he sings Ma jeunesse fout l'camp and Le temps de l'amour.
    (CD EMI) (France) (1999)

Saint Etienne - The misadventures of Saint Etienne
  • uk Saint Etienne

    Find me a boy features on this album "The misadventures of Saint Etienne" (the soundtrack of the film "The misadventures of Margaret") released only in Japan. Parts of the song are almost unrecognisable from Françoise's original, many of the words having been changed, but the chorus is unmistakable.
    (CD L'Appareil-photo, bis 02) (Japan) (1999)

Les Sans Culottes
  • us Les Sans Culottes

    Yet another version of Le temps de l'amour is featured here. The band are from New York, and have been described as "raunchy faux-French rock and roll that's both a sendup of and a tribute to the dark tunes of late-period Serge Gainsbourg and punchy ye-ye girl pop".
    An MP3 of the track can be downloaded.

Véronique Sanson - D'un papillon à une étoile
  • fr Véronique Sanson Play

    On the CD "D'un papillon à une étoile", an album of Michel Berger songs, Message personnel appears as a bonus track on a limited edition release. Also released on a limited edition CD single.
    (CD WEA, 06398 42916721) (France) (1999)

Dernière édition avant l'an 2000
  • fr Les Enfoirés

    On the album "Dernière édition avant l'an 2000" Alain Souchon and Laetitio Casta sing their version of La maison où j'ai grandi.
    (CD BMG, 74231703612) (France) (1999)
    See Les Enfoirés below.

Michel Montecrossa - Time to Change
  • de Michel Montecrossa (and the Chosen Few)

    "Time to Change" - Michel Montecrossa sings Françoise Hardy and himself. Versions of Pouce au revoir, Rêve, Première rencontre, Je suis moi, Rêver le nez en l'air, Que vas-tu faire? translated into English by Michel Montecrossa himself, and the well known English versions of Message personnel and The rose are included on this CD. Calling his music "New Style", it is folk-influenced with guitar and harmonica featuring and a heavy beat. The CD also includes an Mpeg Video, images and lyrics.
    (CD-Plus Mira Sound, MCD-332) (Germany) (2000)

Elles chantent...
  • ca Danièle Laurin

    On the CD "Elles chantent...", a collection of songs by comediennes, Danièle Laurin sings Comment te dire adieu?. In the sleeve notes to this CD, each singer comments on their choice of song. Danièle Laurin says "Things sometimes happen without difficulty or effort... I had in my mind to perform one of Gainsbourg's melancholic songs, quite simply and modestly, and fate set its heart on this one. It has its flavour and its meaning and is much more than pop rock'n'roll!"
    (CD STR-CO-8119) (Canada) (2000)

Carlos Berlanga - Impermeable
  • es Carlos Berlanga

    The album "Impermeable" includes a Spanish version of A Vannes, entitled A Cannes, telling the story of a mediocre cinema director who wants to show his films in Cannes.
    (CD Elefant, ER-1082) (Spain) (2001)

  • us Monokini

    The album "Monokini" includes versions of Le temps de l'amour by The Fur Ones, a Los Angeles band, and Comment te dire adieu by Belleatec from Brazil as well as covers of other French songs from the 1960s.
    (CD Monochrome, 04) (USA) (2001)

2001 : L'odyssée des Enfoirés
  • fr Les Enfoirés

    The album "2001 : L'odyssée des Enfoirés" is a double CD. On the second CD, songs are grouped in themes, and in a medley about time, Elsa, Julien Clerc, Isabelle Boulay and Sandrine Kiberlain sing an extract from Le temps de l'amour.
    (CD BMG, 743218353123) (France) (2001)
    See Les Enfoirés below.

Les années YéYé
  • ca Génération Boomer

    On this CD of 60s songs, "Les années YéYé", Génération Boomer sing Tous les garçons et les filles amongst others.
    (CD Musiplex, MPXCD-8905) (Canada) (2001)

Les oiseaux de passage
  • fr Tanger and Keren-Ann

    Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux by Tanger and Keren-Ann shown here on a one track promo CD single, is taken from the CD "Les oiseaux de passage", a CD of songs written by Georges Brassens.
    (CD single Mercury, 9831) (France) (2001)

Star Academy - L'album
  • fr Star Academy

    Olivia of Star Academy sings Message personnel on "L'album".
    (CD Universal, 5866932) (France) (2001)

Wendie Colter - Payday
  • fr Wendie Colter

    Released originally in 1999, this re-issue of "Payday" includes Only you can do it as a bonus track. Worth a listen.
    (CD Yukon, 49104-2) (USA) (2001)

8 femmes
  • fr Isabelle Huppert, Danielle Darrieux

    Isabelle Huppert sings Message personnel and Danielle Darrieux sings Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux on this CD, the soundtrack from the film "8 femmes", released in France in February 2002.
    (CD WEA, 0927430275-WE 8830) (France) (2002)

Michel Montecrossa - Light of wonder
  • de Michel Montecrossa

    "Light of wonder" - Michel Montecrossa sings Françoise Hardy (again). This album includes versions of Merveilleux, Regarde-toi, Mer, Je ne suis que moi, All over the world (Oh no! What have they done to my song?), Voilà, Fin d'après-midi, Star, Berceuse and Bob Dylan's poem "For Françoise Hardy at the Seine's edge" set to the music of Michel Montecrossa and 5 of his own original songs. The CD also includes a video and...
    (CD-Plus Mira Sound, MCD-407) (Germany) (2002)

Bakelite all Stars - 13 minutes de bonheur
  • fr Bakelite all Stars

    The Bakelite All Stars are a 10 piece "orchestra", based in Caen, France, and play music in the Caribbean style. Their first recording, a 4 track CD entitled "13 minutes de bonheur" includes a version of Le temps de l'amour. The CD is self-produced and can be ordered from their web site. Worth a listen.
    (CD Formidable, BAS 001) (France) (2002)

Feist - Let it die
  • fr Feist

    L'amour ne dure pas toujours is one of 2 bonus songs only appearing on the UK release of the CD "Let it die" by the Canadian singer. This song will grow on you.
    (CD Polydor, 9818878) (UK) (2004)

The world of Lola Dutronic
  • ca Lola Dutronic

    "The World of Lola Dutronic". Produced by Richard Citroen, with vocals by Frankie (Francoise) Hart, this album is made up of modern electronic versions of some well known songs from the 60s, 70s & 80s, including Ma jeunesse fout le camp and La fin de l'été, and some original compositions of their own in French and English. Fascinating! More details (and how to order) from the Bongo Beat website. Available from 7th September 2004, but strangely, a 2005 copyright date on the sleeve.
    (CD Bongo Beat, 7 6700 01970 2 3) (Canada) (2005)

Secret Symphony
  • uk Katie Melua

    The CD includes a version of All over the world. Very pleasant, but why didn't she read the words and sing "bright star" instead of listening to Françoise's original and mishearing it as "white star"?
    (CD Dramatico, DRAMCD0078) (UK) (2012)

Les Enfoirés

In 1985, Coluche founded the "Restos du Coeur" (Restaurants of the Heart) to help those in need of shelter and a hot meal. His favourite insult was "Enfoiré" (a polite translation in my dictionary is "bungling idiot", but there are other translations which I couldn't possibly use...). To pay hommage to Coluche and to continue his work, an organisation of singers calling themselves "Les Enfoirés", take their show on tour, on TV, and release a record every year. All proceeds benefit the "Restos du Coeur".

Some other cover versions for which I don't yet have all the information.

Françoise's Version Cover Version
Tous les garçons et les filles 1962 fr France Gall     ? ?
Tous les garçons et les filles 1962 fr Gabrielle Roda     ? ?
Tous les garçons et les filles 1962 fr Johnny Taylor et les Strangers     ? ?
Tous les garçons et les filles 1962 fr Pierre Nolès Le palmarès dansant   LP Trans-Canada TC-A-84 1964
Tous les garçons et les filles 1962 nl Jan Corduwener It's party time (Instrumental) LP Philips P12938 1964
Tous les garçons et les filles 1962 nl Sweet Sixteen 24 TV successen   LP Philips 840344 PY 1964
Tous les garçons et les filles
vn Thanh Lan
  Nhung Nu Tinh Xanh
(part French, part Vietnamese)
J'suis d'accord 1962 ca Dominique Michel Un p'tit bout de femme   LP Apex ALAF-1559 1963
J'suis d'accord 1962 fr Pierre Nolès Le palmarès dansant   LP Trans-Canada TC-A-84 1964
Le temps de l'amour
vn Kieu Nga
  Mua tinh yeu
(part Vietnamese, part French)
Le temps de l'amour 1962 tr Blue Boys     EP Sayan FS 81 (Turkey) ?
Only friends 1964 sg Tracy Huang     ? 1997
Il est des choses 1966 nl Elly Nieman   Droom LP Philips 844034 1966
Au fond du rêve doré 1967 us Nada Surf Sweetheart 'love songs'   CD Starbucks 2004
Des ronds dans l'eau 1967 fr Pierre Barouh     ? 1968
Des ronds dans l'eau 1967 fr Daniel Guérard Je t'aime, tu m'aimes   LP RCA Victor PCS-1170 1968
Des ronds dans l'eau 1967 fr Teddy Martin     ? 1968
Des ronds dans l'eau 1967 nl Liesbeth List     LP Pastorale - Philips 844064 PY 1968
Avec des si 1968 fr Valérie Lemercier     ? ?
L'anamour 1968 nl Liesbeth List     LP Philips 6303001 1970
Parlez-moi de lui 1968 ca Tenzen     ? 1999
Now you want to be loved 1968 nl Liesbeth List     LP Philips 6303001 1970
J'ai coupé le téléphone 1969 ca Lucien Hétu     ? 1971
Cafard 1972 fr Jacno Une idée derrière la tête   LP Universal 1991
Message personnel 1973 nl Willeke Alberti   Als je komt, dan zal ik thuis zijn CD Mercury 538-740-2 (1999) 1974

Some of the songs that may have inspired Françoise Hardy to record her own version.

Françoise's Version Original recording Title Year Written by
Oh why unreleased The Teddy Bears

Sag warum
Phil Spector
Oh oh chéri 1962 Bobby Lee Trammell Uh oh 1958 Bobby Lee Trammell
Je pense à lui 1963 The Majors Wonderful dream 1962 C Marshall, N Margulies
L'amour d'un garçon 1963 Timi Yuro The love of a boy 1962 Burt Bacharach, Hal David
Qui aime-t-il vraiment? 1963 Johnny Crawford Your nose is gonna grow 1962 Jeff Hooven, Hal Winn
On dit de lui 1963 Connie Francis It's gonna take me some time 1962 Christopher, Temkin, Sterling
Avant de t'en aller 1963 Paul Anka Think about it   Paul Anka
Catch a falling star 1964 Perry Como   1958 Lee Pockriss, Paul Vance
C'est la première fois 1964 Joe Brown Your tender look 1962 J Beveridge, P Oakman
Pourtant tu m'aimes 1964 The Joys I still love him 1964 J Cole, J Cross
C'est le passé 1964 Dusty Springfield Once upon a time 1963 Dusty Springfield
Pas gentille 1964 Marty Wilde Bad boy 1959 Marty Wilde
Je n'attends plus personne 1964 Little Tony Non aspetto nessuno 1964 Meccia, Ciacci
Je veux qu'il revienne 1964 The Vernons Girls Only you can do it 1964 Charles Blackwell
Dis-lui non 1964 Bobby Skel (Bobby Skelton) Say it now 1964 D Skelton
Nous étions amies 1964 Dino Eravamo Amici 1964 di Carson, Combo, Rossi, Shall
La mer 1965 Charles Trénet   1939 Charles Trénet, Albert Lassry
Les feuilles mortes 1965 Yves Montand   1946 Jacques Prévert, Joseph Kosma
Son amour s'est endormi 1965 Traditional German song Alle Nächte    
Quel mal y a-t-il a ça 1965 Patsy Cline When I get thru with you 1962 H Howard
Just call and I'll be there 1965 P J Proby   1964 Charles Blackwell
Ce n'est pas un rêve 1965 Samantha Jones Don't come any closer 1965 Charles Blackwell
La maison où j'ai grandi 1966 Adriano Celentano Il ragazzo della via gluck 1966 Celentano, Beretta, Del Prete
Il est des choses 1966 Tony Renis Ci sono cose più grandi   Baghira, Sabato, Vianello
Je changerais d'avis 1966 Mina Se telefonando 1966 De Chiara, Costanzo, Morricone
Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux 1967 Georges Brassens
Michèle Arnaud
Louis Aragon, Georges Brassens
Ma jeunesse fout l'camp 1967 Michèle Arnaud
Guy Bontempelli
Guy Bontempelli
Il est trop loin 1967 Peter, Paul and Mary Sorrow 1962  
La fin de l'été 1967 Gérard Bourgeois
Brigitte Bardot
Jean-Max Rivière, Gérard Bourgeois
Parlez-moi de lui 1968 Kathy Kirby
The way of love

Al Stilman, Jack Diéval
Comment te dire adieu 1968 Vera Lynn It hurts to say goodbye 1954 Jack Gold, Arnold Goland
La mésange 1968 Cynara & Cybele
Quarteto em Cy & MPB-4
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Nara Leão

Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque de Hollanda
That'll be the day 1968 The Crickets   1957 Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly
Loving you 1968 Elvis Presley   1957 Leonard, Lieber, Stoller, Brousolle
Lonesome Town 1968 Ricky Nelson   1958 Barker, Knight
Let it be me 1968 Gilbert Bécaud
Jill Corey
Everly Brothers
Je t'appartiens

Curtis, Gilbert Bécaud
Will you love me tomorrow? 1968 The Shirelles   1961 Gerry Goffin, Carole King
There but for fortune
Où va la chance?

Joan Baez
Dominique Walter
Michèle Arnaud
Phil Ochs
Who'll be the next in line? 1968 The Kinks   1965 Ray Davies
Hang on to a dream 1968 Tim Hardin   1966 Tim Hardin
Tiny Goddess 1968 Nirvana (UK)   1967 Alex Spyropoulos, Ray Singer, Patrick Campbell-Lyons
Suzanne 1969 Leonard Cohen   1967 Leonard Cohen
San Salvador 1970 Traditional Jeux interdits
Romance de amor (Romanza)
Rêve 1971 Taiguara A Transa 1970 Taiguara
Until it's time for you to go 1972 Buffy Sainte-Marie   1965 Buffy Sainte-Marie
Take my hand for a while 1972 Buffy Sainte-Marie   1968 Buffy Sainte-Marie
I think it's gonna rain today 1972 Randy Newman   1968 Randy Newman
Ocean 1972 John & Beverley Martyn   1970 John Martyn
Can't get the one I want 1972 John & Beverley Martyn   1970 Beverley Martyn
Till the morning comes 1972 Neil Young   1970 Neil Young
The garden of Jane Delawnay 1972 Trees The garden of Jane Delawney 1970 Tobias Boshell
Let my name be sorrow 1972 Gilles Marchal
Mary Hopkin
Quand je te regarde vivre
Bernard Estardy, Martine Habib
Sometimes 1972 Allan Taylor   1971 Allan Taylor
Star 1977 Janis Ian Stars 1975 Janis Ian
Décalages 1988 Barclay James Harvest Waiting for the right time 1983 Les Holroyd
I'll be seeing you
(Duet with Iggy Pop)
Bing Crosby
Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal
Puisque vous partez en voyage
(Duet with Jacques Dutronc)
2000 Mireille & Jean Sablon   1935 Jean Nohain, Mireille
Tous mes souvenirs me tuent 2000 Django Reinhardt
& Stéphane Grappelli
Tears 1937 Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli
Un homme est mort 2000 Mecano Otro muerto 1998 José María Nacho
So sad
(Duet with Etienne Daho)
2000 Everly Brothers   1960 Don Everly
Contre vents et marées 2000 Eric Clapton Theme from a movie that never happened
1998 Eric Clapton

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